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  1. “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” ( Drama): Cast & Summary | Kpopmap
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“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” ( Drama): Cast & Summary | Kpopmap

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Volunteer Today! One Time Donation. Characterized by: intrusive thoughts painful memories reoccurring nightmares sleep loss hyper vigilance.

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PTSD has become the invisible injury that gone untreated can take its toll on the Veteran by means of : alcohol and substance abuse criminal activities unemployment divorce in severe cases suicide. From our experience the financial devastation can be the last straw. The Last Mission Project scope is to alleviate the financial issue by the following procedures:. Donate Today! Give with Trust. Reality really hits her hard as her mother and sister were in jail for their wrong doings.

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She just have her father by her side now, but she is happy. This would explain her intense love for dance and surprising love for Kang Woo. She ends up with some tragic fate death, sickness, end of ballet career, etc trying to save Yeon Seo or protecting her sister from continuing crimes. Although, she is fine with Ni Na and her father. Ru Na is either possessed by or is an angel, demon, or God.

This would explain why Ru Na would be the perfect vessel to carry out such vicious deeds. She already has a bad heart towards Yeon Seo, so being possessed makes her actions more severe. Ni Na and her father became their new family and they planned to get Dan and Yeon Seo married.

Kim Myung Soo Kisses Shin Hae Sun [Angel’s Last Mission: Love Ep 26]

They held the marriage very beautifully, and finally they get married and lives a peaceful life after so much suffering. After their marriage, the show fast forward to 2 years later and shows their progress as Yeon Seo becomes the Ballerina and Fantasia is running smoothly.

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Our angel and ballerina are now parents.