Nietzsche: A Re-examination

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  3. Briefe von und an Friedrich Nietzsche Mai 1872 - Dezember 1874

Is he afraid of us? We are all his murderers. How can we console ourselves? Instead, they choose a careless existence without responsibility for their actions. Only self-knowledge can unlock our power of will; only when we really know who we are, can we accomplish what we want and actually become who we are. It is a process; not a destination. Every negative or painful experience is an opportunity to learn , to gain an insight into the human condition; a way to repeatedly come into existence and to affirm that existence.

Perhaps simply understanding ourselves, the origin of our drives and desires, as well as our reactions to them, is enough to create positive change and growth. Perhaps the persistent question whether god exists, is actually a question about who we are. The meaning of life lies in self-knowledge.

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You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. The majority of people are only too happy to have others think for them, and do not at all mind living a life they did not choose.

Nietzsche, the overman, and the herd morality

But there will always be a few for whom that is simply not enough. There is no philosophical system that can do justice to the world or to us; human experience is irreducible to any set of concepts.

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Multi-volumed work

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Briefe von und an Friedrich Nietzsche Mai 1872 - Dezember 1874

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